Aunt Sassie’s Seasoned Salt “New Look & 12oz Size”- Lower Sodium & No MSG!


In need of a low sodium, flavor packed seasoning? Aunt Sassy’s Secret Seasoned Salt is lower in sodium that most brands on the grocery aisle and it tastes great too! Sprinkle a little on your salad or fresh vegetables instead of heavy salad dressings-a healthy alternative.

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Are you tired of flat, worn out, everyday ho-hum meals? Then try our Award Winning Aunt Sassy’s Seasoning Salt and add a new and exciting flavor to your meal this evening. Shaking on a little of Aunt Sassy’s Secret Seasoning Salt will put a gourmet’s touch to your Chicken, Soups, Stews, Fish, Pork or Beef. Also a favorite on venison. Our original Aunt Sassy’s with a New Look & a 12oz size.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 7 in