The Story Behind Our Gourmet Foods
in Norman, OK

Ben Jack Larado Gourmet Foods has been a part of our family since 1981. Lee and Sharon Henry developed the Rockin’ L-H Asparagus Farm into a thriving award-winning business. Today, the Ben Jack Larado product line of pickled goods and custom seasonings can be found in gourmet and specialty shops across the United States. As we continue the heritage of fine products started by Lee and Sharon, our goal is to develop gourmet foods that consider the origin and quality of materials produced.

Ben Jack Larardo takes pride in producing quality products that add a unique touch to your dinner table or special event. We give care and attention to the same details that we look for when buying products for our home. Please visit our website to find the products such as pickled goods and gourmet bbq rubs that created the legacy of Ben Jack or explore a few new options.

The vision for this company began during long car rides from Oklahoma to Houston for cancer treatment. During those difficult years, our family realized that God’s love is deep enough for any challenge and as Christians, we have many reasons to give thanks. God’s faithfulness is ever present. Our prayer for all of our customers is that you will experience God’s best and walk daily in the presence of His love.

Choose from our Gourmet Product Line

We understand the enjoyment that comes with experimenting to craft new and exciting dishes for your friends and family to try. Now, you don’t have to search the internet or expensive cookbooks to discover a new food creation. If you are an aspiring home chef who enjoys cooking and creating new dishes for your loved ones, try our selection of gourmet foods. Turn an old favorite food dish into a mouthwatering celebration with a combination of the spices and sauces available at Ben Jack Larado Gourmet Foods. Cooking up personalized creations in the kitchen is a lot like any other art form. In an activity like crocheting, for example, there’s continuous satisfaction in trying new stitches and patterns just to create something as simple as a hat. When you cook, take part in the same sense of discovery and accomplishment as you devise new, inventive ways to serve up your favorite food. Regardless of what your recipe requires, you can trust our line of mustards, sauces, pickled vegetables, and spices to add a new flair to your favorite concoction.

Reinvent Any Classic Food Dish

We designed our gourmet product line to share our own passion and unique flavor profiles with both established and inspiring chefs. We believe in the power and versatility of food and the edifying experience of preparing a top-notch meal. Cooking fits into everyone’s lifestyle, whether you are a macaroni kind of cook or a seven-course gourmet enthusiast. No matter what meal satisfies your taste buds, make it even more amazing with the gourmet foods we offer.

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Awards We Have Won

2012 KCBC BBQ Competition – Pork Division; Rib/Brisket Division
2011 ARK-OKLA State Fair Fort Smith, Arkansas: 1st Place Commercial Trades Booth
2011 State Center Iowa’s Rose Festival BBQ Competition: 10th Place Ribs; 10th place Brisket; 6th place Chicken
2011 Nevada Iowa Kiwanis BBQ Competition: 2nd Place Ribs, 5th Place Pork: Francis Dutton
2011 Omaha’s River City Round Up BBQ Competition: 8th Place Ribs: Francis Dutton
2011 Whiting Iowa BBQ Competition 9th Place Ribs: Francis Dutton
2010 River City Round UP BBQ Competition: 6th Place Ribs, 8th Place Brisket, 10 Place Chicken: Cook Francis Dutton
2008 KCBS BBQ Competition Rib Division: 1st place Rib and Chicken Division: Cook Francis Dutton
2007 Redbud Award for Agritourism in Oklahoma
2007 Oklahoma City “Winner Norman Regional Hospital Chili Cookoff” cook Pam Henry
2003 1st Place Ribs, Central Florida Barbecue Festival/ National Championship
2003 1st Place Ribs, 10 Annual Hog Wild Pig Crazy Barbecue Competition in Lake City, Florida
2000 Pawnee Bills Chuckwagon Cookoff Winner
1999 Tulsa Fire Department Chili Cookoff Winner

New Edition Recipe Books in Norman, OK

When you need a little inspiration in the kitchen, Ben Jack Larado has a number of recipe books in Norman, OK. We have spent 165 years collecting these exceptional recipes, and we’re confident the pages of our cookbook are sure to please every member of your family. In addition to recipes for some of the best down-home cooking, our books contain songs, stories, and poetry to keep you entertained while you work in the kitchen. We believe that you should be able to laugh while you are preparing meals for your friends, neighbors, and family. After all, food that is made with love is always the best.

A Meal with All the Trimmings

When it comes to preparing goods for your table, our family-run company is dedicated to creating items that are easy to cook with and that will put a smile on any face. In addition to our amazing recipe books, our product line includes Bloody Mary mix, gourmet mustards, bar-b-q sauce, and more. We even offer a variety of gift sets that will be perfect for any home chef. So whether you’re looking for our seasoning, sweet candied jalapenos, pickled asparagus, or amazing sauces, our line of products has something for even the most discerning taste.

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