Tis’ the Seasonings from PaPa Fitz’s

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The Tis’ the Seasoning gift set includes:

1- 5.2 oz. jar of Hardwood Barrel- A world class beef rub that is flavored with a hint of Whiskey to give it that Six Gun Thunder packin’ flavor Great to use on Steaks, Roast, Beef Ribs and Brisket

1- 5.5 oz. jar Bare Back Pig- Our award winning rub that is Real Mississippi Paddlewheel Cuizine and Bone Suckin’ good. Great to use on pork ribs, pork loins, pork butts

1 – 5.2 oz. jar Aunt Sassy’s Seasoning Salt  is full of tantalizing herbs and spices that is great on chicken, beef, and pork and venison

Includes gift basket and bow

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Tis the season….ing. Enjoy our custom blends of rubs and seasonings. This gift set is perfect for the grill, slow cooking your favorite meat, or roasting.  Our rubs and seasoned salt are pure spice- no fillers or MSG.  This is the part of the barbecue’n that takes you from good to great when using these rubs to impart a flavor to your barbecue that will blow the socks off your guest!

For those watching their sodium, our Aunt Sassy’s Seasoning Salt is a perfect low sodium choice. Sprinkle it on chicken, or on veggies before you grill them. It is even great on salads.

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