Heritage Set-Appetizer Trio Set

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Dinner parties, office parties, and holiday gatherings are made easy with this appetizer set! Our Heritage Set includes 3 of our most popular items: 1 -12 oz jar of our Red Horse Cocktail Sauce, 1- 12 oz. jar of White Lightnin’ Jalapeno Dressing and 1- 10 oz. jar of Ben Jack’s Whipper Snappers-our candied jalapenos. 

Why you will love it—Create 3 different appetizers in a matter of minutes: (See Below)   

RED HORSE COCKTAIL SAUCE:  Pair our Red Horse Cocktail Sauce with your favorite shrimp and it is guest ready. Our cocktail sauce has plenty of horseradish for a zesty, thick cocktail sauce that is fantastic with shrimp, and our customers tell us that it is great for dunking bread sticks and your favorite chicken. 

WHITE LIGHTIN’ JALAPENO DRESSING: Blend 1 tablespoon of our White Lightin’ Dressing with 8 oz. of cream cheese or sour cream to create a great spread or dip. Serve hot or cold with tortilla chips.  Use White Lightin’ instead of regular mayo to create deviled eggs, potato salad or party pinwheels that are unique and full of flavor Spoon a little into your baked potato for an amazing potato with just a little zip. 

WHIPPER SNAPPERS/CANDIED JALAPENOS: One of our most popular items- our candied jalapenos are sweet with just a little heat.  Great to top chili, tacos, and soups. Create a unique cheese and cracker tray by surrounding a bowl of candied jalapenos with your favorite crackers and cheese.  Chop up a few Whippers and blend with with 8 oz of cream cheese for a dip with a little bit of heat. Serve with crackers or tortilla chips.  Chop Whippers with your favorite sweet pickle for a sweet hot relish on hot dogs and hamburgers. 


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Weight 72 oz
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