Heritage Ranch Gift Set

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The Heritage 6 shooter includes 4-10 oz mustards, Hickory Canyon, Somkin’ Gun, Blazin’ Chili Pepper and Goldstone Garlic.  Two of our most popular 10 oz Dressings, Desert Flower Honey Mustard and Breath-o-Fire Horseradish.

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Enjoy 6 of our best mustards.  This gift set is perfect for anyone who enjoys gourmet sandwiches, cooking, & grilling.  We include our smokey Hickory Canyon Mustard as well as “hot” Smokin’ Gun Jalapeno.  We add in some Sweet Desert Flower Honey Mustard and spicy Blazin’ Chili Pepper Mustard.  Also included is our amazing Breath-O-Fire Horseradish Dressing, with that just right hint of horseradish.  Each gift set comes in our Heritage box with artwork featuring the unique statehood of Oklahoma.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 in