Ben Jack Larado’s Breakfast Basket



Ben Jack’s Larado’s Breakfast Basket adds the perfect touch to breakfast or brunch. Full of goodies tucked inside a beautiful wicker basket and sealed with a bag and large red bow, this gift set has plenty of gourmet treats to serve your family for days. Breakfast will become the favorite meal of the day.  Each basket  has one of our favorite Made in Oklahoma products-a Shawnee Mills Biscuit Mix! We include one 8 oz. jar of BEN JACK LARADO’S JALAPENO PEPPER JELLY and one 12 oz. jar of BEN JACK LARADO’S DESSERT FLOWER HONEY DRESSING-a perfect way to top those warm biscuits.  This basket also includes one summer sausage, one block of cheddar cheese and two different sweet treats: a biscotti and 12 Pirouline creme filled chocolate hazelnut cookies.  Every holiday needs a little chocolate, so we added an old fashioned  Swiss chocolate Toblerone bar.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Our Jalapeno Pepper Jelly sells out every holiday season! Be sure to try the dip recipe on the lid of the jar–you will love it! (hint: take 3 tablespoons of our jelly and blend with cream cheese. Serve with apple slices, strawberries, grapes, crackers or with potato chips). Our pepper jelly is also great as a glaze on ham or chicken and delicious on cornbread.  You will see why folks buy several jars at a time. 

SERVING SUGGESTION: Our Desert Flower Honey Dressing is great as a spread on crackers served alongside summer sausage and cheese. It is also great blended with cream cheese and served as a dip. 


THE BREAKFAST BASKET INCLUDES:  1 Shawnee Mills Biscuit Mix, one  8 oz. Ben Jack Larado’s Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, one 12 oz. Ben Jack Larado’s Desert Flower Honey Dressing, 1 Summer Sausage, 1 block of cheddar cheese, 1 biscotti, 1 Swiss chocolate Toblerone bar, and 12 Pirouline creme filled chocolate hazelnut cookies. 

Additional information

Weight 140 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 14 in